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Influencer, Tedje Fliers

PR guru, DJ and Canal House Ambassador, Tedje Fliers, gives us an inside look at her Amsterdam ...

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Where do you live? Tell us about your neighbourhood ...

I live in ‘De Pijp’. It’s quite a young neighbourhood with Amsterdam’s famous Albert Cuyp Market and loads of coffee places, restaurants and bars. I absolutely love the vibrant feel of De Pijp. There are lots of people around and there is always something to do.

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon in Amsterdam?

When I’m not working or busy with my music at home, I love to walk the dog (her name is Moppy) at the Sarphatipark and have coffee and brunch at de Wasserette with my friends. I can stay there for hours and that is what we usually do! If I do leave De Pijp on a Sunday, I really enjoy going to De Jordaan; I’ll have breakfast at Dr. Blend and go shopping in de Negen Straatjes at Superga or Skins, I even might get a tattoo at De Haarbarbaar tattoo shop and have a Bloody Mary afterwards at Het Wolfje.

What do you love most about the city and people?

I love that we live in such a free and open-minded city, that we have an international culture and that almost everything is accepted. Gay pride is a good example of total freedom and acceptance and I just love that! And last but not least I love the cozy (we say gezellig) feel of the city. When you find yourself at the historic canals with all the pretty lights and beautiful canal houses, I just don’t wish for anything else.

Best way to relax?

Travel, even if it’s in your own city! Just book a hotel, plan a road trip and you will get an instant holiday feel. It really works!

Favourite cocktail bar?

Old timer: Vesper Bar in De Jordaan, it’s so freaking small that you have to stand with one leg outside but the cocktails are great. And of course the cocktail bar at Canal House - definitely try the ‘Bramble’, the combination of ingredients is just yummy!

Favourite restaurant or café?

Well, I’m a sucker for Vietnamese food and, sadly, the best one left town, Nghia n Nghia. BUT the Argentinean restaurant that is located in their old spot is amazingly good - SAL at the Rozengracht. Try the ceviche and actually all the kinds of meat they offer, because WOW it’s finger licking good. Oh, and you have this spicy mescal cocktail to go with it… My favourite Italian place is San George. You can almost try everything with truffle which is delicious!

Best places to shop?

Honestly, I don’t shop that much but, when I do, I love to go to de Negen Straatjes. It has the cutest boutiques and it’s just the most wonderful area to walk around. Usually, though, I just fly in and out of shops in between meetings. Amsterdam’s most high-end shopping street, the P.C. Hooftstraat, was renovated last September. That is a must-go, definitely. You can find your Chanel, Dolce and Prada attire in one street.

Describe your own personal style?

Oh I can go from a posh, high-heeled look to a summer Ibiza-style to biker-chick, so in most shops I can find something I like. I do feel that whatever you wear, it needs to be comfortable. Not only for work during the day but also when I’m DJ-ing. If heels don’t feel comfy, I’d rather wear a nice Superga sneaker that matches my outfit.

Top 5 things you recommend to do in Amsterdam?

1. Rent a boat.  Not the big tourist thing but a ‘sloep’ and go over the canals. It’s Amsterdam at its best!
2. The Anne Frank House.  I’ve been there in the past and it is really amazing, but the queue is way to long. I know it’s in every tourist book, but nobody knows you can pre-order tickets online so you don’t have to stand in the reeeaaally long queue…
3. Escape room.  There are a few companies that carry this out. You go into a room with a group of friends and you have to get out within the hour. Good for teambuilding and just really fun!
4. Cat Café Kattenkopjes.  I’m not a cat person but I know a lot of people are. So if you like cats you can drink coffee and cuddle with cats at the same time. Cute right?
5. Visit the Kopstoot Bar at Zeedijk 134. They sell real Dutch Jajem Jenever. Order it together with beer and it’s a ‘Kopstoot’. It’s a pop-up bar, gone before you know it, so visit soon!

Recommend something off the beaten track that tourists don’t know about ...

That must be G’s Brunch on a Boat. It’s my friend’s concept. He had a tiny lunchroom in De Jordaan which was always full, so he expanded his capacity to a boat on the canals. It rides every weekend in 3 hour shifts. They serve the best food and amazing cocktails. It’s a booze cruise, but even better!

Photography: Amanda Griffioen