An interview with...Arjan Voermans, Editor-in-Chief

Entertainment television Editor-in-chief and Canal House Ambassador, Arjan Voermans, gives us an inside look at his Amsterdam ...


Arjan, tell us a bit about you and what you do for a living …

I have one of the greatest jobs there is, making a daily entertainment live show on television. It’s a dynamic job and we have to be very creative every day, a combination that brings out the best in me. Subjects such as royalty, stars, lifestyle, everything is in possible in Shownieuws.


You’re a man-about-town, where do you go for a good night out?

I love to start with a drink at a nice quite place to chat with my friends and talk about our work, our lives and catch up about everything. The bar of Canal House is the right place for me to do so. In combination with the lovely gin and tonics they serve, my night out starts here best.


For a bite I love to go to a nice Italian restaurant; Pasta e Basta is one of my favourites. The waiters sing between all the courses. And as I love food and music, this place is the best combination there is. The vibe is good, staff are great and it’s in the centre, so the pubs and bars are around the corner.

It’s hard to choose my favourite bar. For now it will be House Bar where you can drink some perfect cocktails and chat a little bit more.


Amsterdam’s best hidden secret?

I can’t choose! There are so many beautiful spots to see. But you certainly should visit the old 18th century baroque style horse range ‘Hollandse Manege’. It’s in the middle of the area Oud-West and nearby the Vondelpark. There is also a terrace on a balcony from where you can see the riders on their horses while you drink a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the whole atmosphere.


Give us your edit – best place to shop?  Best place to brunch?  Best place to dance?

Shop: Fittz, nothing regular, everything is just a little bit different, it defines my style.

Brunch: De Hallen, a food market with always something on a menu that fits your taste of the moment.

Dance: Alright, a guilty pleasure; every last Saturday of the month there is an 80’s – 90’s party at Club Panama. Once I’m in I can’t resist the dancefloor.


If you had 24 hours in Amsterdam, what would make your must-do list?

Eat breakfast at Gezondigd, a tasteful and healthy way to start the day.

Visit one of the great museums we have.  Foam for instance; is all about photography. The best artists of the world expose over here.

Enjoy lunch at MR PORTER at the rooftop of the W Hotel. Especially at Sunday with their Sunday Roast.

A little bit too early for diner, so grab a cocktail at ‘Tales & Spirits’.

When the appetite is back enjoy the Italian food at Casa di David.
Finally, retire for a G&T at the Canal House bar before getting a good nights sleep in one of their luxury rooms.