An Interview With ... Influencer, Dita Guth

Owner of Salotto Rosso and one of Amsterdam's most exclusive clubs and Canal House Ambassador, Dita Guth, gives us the inside track on foodie Amsterdam ...

Photo by: Neeltje de Vries.

Dita, tell us a bit about you and what you do for a living …
I like to think that I make people happy for a living. As a chef, sommelier and now host, I get to feed, pour for and take care of people. It's actually quite a selfish job, because the pleasure I receive from giving to my clients is immensely rewarding.

Any trends happening on the local food scene that make you excited?
I personally am not a fan of trends in the food industry. The culinary arts is a world that is founded on tradition and history, and to me, this is imperative to the integrity of a plate. What I am noticing in Amsterdam is a broader knowledge of what is and is not good food. People are going out not just to eat, but to embark on an experience. This in turn is putting pressure on restaurants as they have to create a unique experience and stand behind their ingredients. This is what gets me excited.

Amsterdam has so many great food markets away from the normal tourist trail. Any favourites?
Dappermarkt. Hands down. Where else can you get yucca and herring at the same time? I love the multicultural representation of produce, the ingredients you can find and love the lack of pretense that some other markets have.

We’ve noticed restaurants really upping their game in the last few years, give us your top picks for …

A lazy brunch:
I hate to toot my own horn, but my club! A place where brunches last until the sun sets and the Bloody Mary's flow like the River Nile.

Romantic dinner:
Izakaya. Sexy with a capital S.

Porum. Cocktail geniuses.

Favourite hidden gem in the city?
Not so hidden, but my home away from home is the Lobby Nesplein. I love everything about this restaurant. The Chef, Bas Kloosterboer, is culinary genius. The environment is casual chic and the entire team is welcoming and take such good care of their guests. Whatever they're doing, they have been doing it right for years.

You have a daughter. Where is the best place to entertain little ones for the day?
If it's a sunny day, Pllek is a wonderful place for urchins and parents. Sand, waterfront, wine. A perfect day for my family. If it's rainy, we love going to the museums. My daughter is partial to the Handbag Museum. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree...

If you had 24 hours in Amsterdam, what would make your must-do list?

  • A tour of the canals by boat in the morning
  • Breakfast at Omelegg. (Amazing omelets!)
  • Walking the 9 Straatjes area to browse, shop and people watch
  • Lunch at The Lobby
  • A walk through Dappermarkt
  • A midday beer at Arendsnest
  • Aperitivo on the roof terrace of the W. Stunning views of the city.
  • Dinner at Bak
  • Cocktails at Pore
  • To end it, have a drink in the garden of Canal House! And stay in Room 12 (it's my favourite!).