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An interview with Lucien Beijerinck: Beauty Guru

1)            Lucien, tell us a bit about you and what you do for a living …

I am passionate about life, always positive and love fashion and beauty. I started my career in beauty 15 years ago. Worked for big multinationals such as Procter & Gamble and COTY professionals. This is where my love for entertainment and education started. Started my own business in 2014 as a Beauty-coach ,I advise and educate the professional stylist and advice the end consumer in their daily beauty regime. I believe that everybody is beautiful and should start to look at their inner beauty and translate that into the way they want to look from the outside. Trends are nice but the most important thing in Beauty for me is that you feel happy about yourself and the way you present yourself to the world. In that way beauty is a tool to feel more secure and powerful to face each challenge in life.

2)            What beauty and fashion spots excite you in Amsterdam?

Fashion for me starts with the people on the streets and the way people live in a city. Even though Amsterdam is a small city, when you start to explore the different areas in Amsterdam - from West to East- you see a big difference in lifestyle, the way people dress and show their creations to the world. Amsterdam South is known for the rich & famous, while Amsterdam West is more known for their urban vibe.

Every six months Amsterdam Fashion week shows new collections of Dutch designers. Since 2017 these fashion shows are also available for the general public. If you love the latest fashion and beauty you cannot miss the P.C .Hooft straat in Amsterdam. It’s famous because of all the High end brands and will warm your fashion heart. A must see is the Chanel store, designed by Winy Maas, a beautiful piece of architecture.

3)            For our guests planning their weekend breaks to Amsterdam, what would be your top 5 must see/do things?

Nr.5 ADAM TOREN in Amsterdam Noord across the water, go to the top floor The Look Out from here you can see the whole city! And if you dare you can go on a swing!

Nr.4 Canal Cruise, Amsterdam is even more beautiful from the waterside. During the tour you receive a lot of info about the history & places to go.

Nr.3 Foodhallen is the place to be when you are a food lover. An indoor Foodmarket with about 25 different restaurants. It shows you many spices and flavours from all around the world. Every Tuesday there is live music, every Friday and Saturday there is are DJ’s playing combined with excellent drinks and food.

Nr2. Rijksmuseum offers you one of the biggest names in history when it comes to art. Not only the paintings a delight to see but also the museum itself is a must see.

Nr.1 9 straatjes in Amsterdam is fantastic if you are interested in small and local shops. The walking route of the 9 Straatjes is a nice way to enjoy the streets and buildings.

4)            Where do you go when you want to escape the city?

My house is located in the area Ijburg and that’s really my paradise in Amsterdam. It’s a made island in the North-East of Amsterdam surrounded by nature and water. To free myself from city life I end my day with a nice glass of wine at Blijburg. This place is a beach club with an Ibiza vibe where you can enjoy the sunset. 

5)            Favourite restaurant, café or bar at the moment?

My favourite restaurant is not a typical fancy restaurant but more a cosy informal restaurant called Loetje. Concept is to experience the Amsterdam laidback vibe, good food great staff, for sure best steak I ever had. For lunch definitely Brasserie van Baerle, their menu is French orientated. I love to sit in their garden where you can enjoy your lunch and have a little break of the busy streets of Amsterdam.

6)            Who are your favourite local designers?

2 of my favourite designers are Mattijs van Bergen en Iris van Herpen. Mattijs van Bergen is also known by his creations for Queen Maxima. His clothes are stylish and very feminine and screams glamour. Iris van Herpen clothes are more art. Lady Gaga is one of her clients.

 7)            Why do you think Canal House is one of the best luxury hotels in Amsterdam?

The hotel is located on the most beautiful canal of Amsterdam. The rooms are a delight in all its ways. As an Ambassador of Canal House I am privileged to be in some way part of the team, they know my preferences and I always have a superb time when I am there with my friends. The location is perfect because even though you stay in the centre of Amsterdam where it all happens, when you enter the hotel you immediately feel the tranquillity of luxury and peace throughout the entire building and hands down- the hidden gem is definitely there beautiful lush garden.

8)            What do you love most about Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the city that never sleeps but it offers you both peace and excitement. People are open to new experiences and it’s easy to be your true self in this city.

Amsterdam is an historical place with many futuristic places and things to do.

 9)            If you had 24 hours in Amsterdam, what would make your must-do list?

Check in at Canal House and have a breakfast at the hotel. After I would hop on a canal boat to see the city from a different angle, the waterside.

Next go to the Rijksmuseum to spoil yourself with art, after that I’d go for lunch at my favourite restaurant Van Baerle.

From there I would go and explore the city by foot, just walk and see where Amsterdam is taking you. For a romantic or fancy dinner The Duchess is a great option its both beautiful from the inside out and has a lovely menu. After dinner walk over to Canal House, maybe have a night cap at the bar go to the room have a bath put on a robe and watch a movie.